Our state priorities

South Australia is a place where people and business thrive.

As the administrative arm of the government, the South Australian public sector works towards achieving the ambitions and priorities of the government.

Economic priorities

Our Premier's vision for South Australia is underpinned by 10 economic priorities. They include:

  • Unlocking our potential resources
  • The knowledge state
  • Premium food and wine
  • A destination of choice
  • Global leader in health and ageing
  • Best place to do business
  • Growth through innovation
  • International connections
  • Vibrant Adelaide
  • Opening doors for small business

More information about each priority and the government's progress towards them is available from the Economic Priorities website.

Strategic priorities

The South Australian Government has seven strategic priorities for our state's future.

These priorities focus on areas where the most difference can be made to the lives of everyday working people and to the future prosperity of the state.

The seven priorities are about:

  • creating a vibrant capital city
  • keeping our high quality of life affordable for everyone
  • growing advanced manufacturing as the way for the future
  • giving our children every chance to achieve their potential in life
  • keeping our communities safe and our citizens healthy
  • realising the benefits of the mining boom for all
  • building our reputation for premium food and wine.

Learn more from the Strategic Priorities website.