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Administrative Support Officer

Office of the Industry Advocate

How did you get to where you are today?

I graduated from the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Academy (SAASTA) and completed Year 12 at Murray Bridge High school in 2015.

As a 17 Year old Ngarrindjeri Man, I was hungry to do more and become a role model for Aboriginal youth.

When I moved to Adelaide I won a position as an administrative trainee through the government’s trainee program, Jobs4Youth. I have since secured an ASO2 position as an Administrative Support Officer and have set my sights on become a mainstream police officer with South Australia Police.

What does an average day look like?

Working in a dynamic office like the Office of the Industry Advocate has me constantly on my toes.

Some days I may be working with Adelaide Entertainment Centre to put on events, other days I will be hosting morning teas to embrace culturally significant days and share the knowledge and history of Aboriginal people.

What do you love about your job?

No two days are the same. I’m given the opportunity to constantly develop my skills and gain experience in different areas.

As an Aboriginal person in my workplace, I’m encouraged to maintain a culturally rich environment that works towards not only being culturally aware, but culturally intelligent.

Why do you do what you do?

During my senior years of schooling I gained a lot of momentum in the SAASTA Program and this has led to me being passionate about exploring my cultural identity and the potential for young Aboriginal people to succeed.

I am determined to become a role model and mentor youth, as I carve my own path of success in the public sector.

What do you see are some of the benefits of working in the public sector?

I work in a culturally respectful environment that is always willing to learn and grow and embrace young people with the aim of employing the next generation of public sector employees.

The sheer amount of opportunity and variety of jobs in the South Australian Government ensures that I can follow any path that I choose, and constantly grow as a person and a professional.

Why have you chosen to work in South Australia?

South Australia is on the brink of so many different emerging industries it excites me to see that level of development in the state in such a short time.

Whether it be our promising energy infrastructure, the ever-growing Fringe Festival and arts attractions or the new and promising Space Agency, I will be sticking around to see South Australia achieve great things on an international scale.